The Student Support Program:
Connecting & Motivating H.S. & College Students Across the Globe.
An Auxiliary of the General Missionary Benevolent Association.

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Our Mission:
1. Create and uphold a support network among the high school and college students of the Church.
2. Uplift and send words of encouragement to all young people in need.
3. Promote youth involvement in the works of the Church.

Support: (s-p�rt, -prt) transitive verb
1. To bear the weight of, especially from below.
2. To hold in position so as to keep from falling, sinking, or slipping.
3. To be capable of bearing; withstand: �His flaw'd heart... too weak the conflict to support? (Shakespeare).
4. To keep from weakening or failing; strengthen: The letter supported him in his grief.
5. To provide for or maintain, by supplying with necessities.

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~Upcoming Events In the Church~

1. March 6 - 8:: Southeast Area MBA Campout - Camp Westgate River Ranch

2. March 19 - 21:: Mid-West Area MBA Retreat - Canton, OH

3. May 14 - 16:: GMBA Conference - Greensburg PA


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Mel Brooks-Moses Goes to the Mountain Clip.

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